Re-Vive Your Marriage!

A marriage program that coaches spouses to understand, support & honour each other's emotional and physical needs.  We use life coaching and the Natural BioEnergetics technique.

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What's in the Re-Vive Program!

Eight week program with 12 live sessions and Eight pre-recorded session work based around individual needs in a marriage. Helps partners to understand each other on a deeper level. Receive an added bonus of a six month access pass to the Vibresonate Wellness Hub.

Total value = $3000

Available for only $1599
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one-on-one & couples work

One-on-One & Couples work

We explore the top needs of both partners in both an individual and couples work setting. This includes the top needs of both men & women. 12 live sessions in all. Design to work towards a deeper connection.

Double pronged approached

Double pronged approach

We blend two techniques of both life coaching and an advanced technique called Natural BioEnergetics. This assists in working through the emotional/physical needs and stresses of most marriages. And this can lead into a deeper connection with each other.

Eight Prerecorded session work

8 Pre-recorded session work 

These sessions are Natural Bio-Energetics session. A link will be emailed to you each week. Based on material around communication and other common topics. Couples are encouraged to follow through these guided sessions together. Plus, as an extra bonus, receive six months access to the Vibresonate Wellness Hub.

Program Results that include;

A deeper understanding

A Deeper Understanding for each other

As you progress through the program, you will begin to explore and understand your spouse's needs, your own, & how they compliment each other.

Middle aged couple relaxing on the couch smiling at camera at home in the living room

Better Sync with each other.

The Natural BioEnergetics technique aides coupled in syncing the needs, thoughts and passion for each other. Marriages are intended to be regarded as one unit. This program is designed to help couples move towards that synchronized unit.

deeper connection

A Deeper Connection

This whole program is designed for couples to master a connection on a deeper level which strengthens and supports each other in their love, their appreciation and meshing as one.

synergism and Growth

Synergism & Exponential Growth

Helps couple to work toward synergism in their partnership in ways that may never have been explored before. Allows for an exponential groeth in love, respect and understanding of each other.